Building the Next Generation of
Thin Film Deposition System

Unique Systems / Smart Designs / Innovative Components / Combinatorial Deposition

Accelerating Material

Our aim is to empower researchers and companies with tools that accelerate materials breakthroughs. 

We offer modular and scalable deposition systems, innovative components, smart designs, and the ability to combine different deposition techniques. 

Saving time and resources in R&D while improving production process times.

Thin Film Engineering

Modular and compact ALD/PVD cluster systems to fabricate advanced materials with tailored properties.

ALD for Production

Optimised ALD chamber designs for faster process times with high-quality films.

Process Control

Modular Electronics with outstanding manual control and recipe creation software for fully automated processes. 

SC Optima Series

Faster process times with high-quality and homogenous films

The SC Optima Series is the next generation of large batch systems for Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD),  optimised to deliver high-quality and uniform coatings to all types of 3D objects in record time, streamlining every step of your door-to door processes, from loading to unloading. 

Chamber sizes from 140 L – 1000L

SC-1 Series

(PE)-ALD / PVD cluster system in a compact equipment

The SC-1 series is is an innovative patent-pending cluster system that combines (PE)-ALD and PVD without breaking vacuum for high-throughput production of multinanolayered coatings. 

Configure your setup to your requirements.

SC Qube Series

Batch ALD system for R&D and small-scale production

The SC Qube is an ALD batch system for R & D and small scale production to coat different kinds and sizes of 3D parts.  

Chamber sizes from 3 L – 50L


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