Faster Process Times with high-quality and homogenous Films

SC Optima Series

The SC Optima Series is the next generation of large batch systems for Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). The SC Optima has been carefully optimised to deliver high-quality and uniform coatings to all types of 3D objects in record time, streamlining every step of your door-to door processes, from loading to unloading.


Experience a new level of precision and efficiency in 3D part coating with the new patent-pending chamber from Swiss Cluster. The innovative and scalable chamber has been optimally designed to adapt to all types of 3D parts and coating material to deliver exceptional coating homogeneity at unparalleled process speeds. 


Our single chamber approach makes it easy to load and unload 3D parts from the cleanroom, while the rest of the system is accessed from the grey room. This also allows for ultra-fast heating and cooling of both the chamber walls and the parts themselves. 

A New Era for the Atomic Layer Deposition Thin Film Coating Industry

A New Era for the Atomic Layer Deposition Thin Film Coating Industry

Technical Specifications

Chamber DimensionsAdapted to your 3D parts and coating material
3 L – 50L
150x150x150mm – 370x370x370mm
LoadingFront loading with guided door
Custom-made frame holders for 3D parts
Cleanroom compatible
Glovebox compatible
Process TemperaturesUp to 500°C
PrecursorsUp to 8 gas sources with 6 individual inlets
Ozone option
Standard MaterialsAl₂O₃, ZnO, SiO₂, TiO₂, Y₂O₃, Nitrides
Novel bubbler delivery system optimised for low vapour pressure precursors
500 nm Al₂O₃ < 1% 1-sigma uniformity
Substrate SizesMultiple substrates or 3D objects of various shapes and sizes
Dimensions of chamber and holder are optimally adapted to the parts and coating material

Optimally designed for you

The SC Optima can be customised to meet your material and process requirements. Contact us for quotations or any other inquiries.

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