Temperature Gradient Stage

The TGS is an off-the-shelf substrate holder that is able to create a temperature gradient from 450 °C  to 30 °C, besides providing homogeneous temperature of up to 400 °C. The temperature gradient can be tailored to different temperature windows.

This allows the screening of new materials and processes to be done in a substantially lower number of experiments. This saves a significant amount of time and resources in the synthesis and characterisation.

The TGS can easily be operated with our manual control and recipe creator to increase or decrease the temperature at any point during the process.  

Characterisation of ALD Films from a Single Deposition

Electronics and Software Control

We provide electronics and software control systems that power our equipment but that can also boost the flexibility and control of your process on other existing equipment.

We can integrate additional equipment or components into our software and be controlled with our manual control and recipe creator suite.

Mass Flow Controllers

4 Analog MFC 

60 Digital MFC

Pneumatic (ALD) valves

24 valves

 Pressure Sensors 

4 Analog

Gate valves

3 gate valves with feedback 

Flow meters

4 Flow meters


16 Channel PID regulation with K-Type sensors

4 PT100/PT1000


8 Interlock in

12 Interlock out

Additional Connections

2 Ethernet 

2 RS485 

Microwave Plasma Source and Generators

We incorporate microwave plasma sources and generators from SAIREM. The self-matching plasma sources working with 2,45 GHz solid state generators are ideal for ALD and PVD processes:

Surface pre-treatment and cleaning

Microwave Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (PE-ALD) 

Microwave Plasma Assisted Reactive Sputtering (MP-ARS)

More Features coming soon!

Tailored scomponents for your R&D

We can integrate our components, electronics and software to your equipment.

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